"When I started this in the" games "car, I would have never imagined that behind many tools, techniques and hide parameters to analyze the behavior of the vehicles and the" pilots "who drive them. In this course I have learned many things to analyze driving, and although you can go through your career in the simracing without knowing anything about this, to see with your own eyes the mistakes we're making, without another what have you that say you have no no doubt if you tell the truth or not. Therefore, this type of courses I see as vital for someone to put some passion to simracing, an indispensable aid.

The downside of this is that I have now realized the countless mistakes I make and the overwhelming amount of work I have ahead to correct them. I expect a hard weeks work to take away the bad habits, and all this without looking at the stopwatch, definitely my worst enemy.

Thank you very much to Carlos Casas and Oriol Sunday put this knowledge into the hands of people like me. "

Javier Ayestaran Saiza